Henna, Popularly Known As Mehandi Is A Hair Coloring Dimension For Coloring Hairs Brown. It Is One Of The Best Natural Remedies For Hair Growth. Henna Is A Natural Herbal Powder Which Is Not Only Used For Coloring Hair But Also Helps To Prevent Dandruff And Scalp Itching.  It Acts As A Good Conditioner For Your Hair And Helps To Grow Your Hair. Henna powder hair & body art. Natural Henna Powder is 100% natural and is made from organically cultivated henna plant leaves.
Repairs Damage And Strengthens Hair
Henna Powder is safe to use for all ages and give natural color, shine and conditioning to hair. Henna helps improve and maintain scalp health with its cooling and antimicrobial properties. The Henna Powder provided by us is triple sifted which make is easy to mix with water. It Is Chemical Free.
Conditions Your Hair
While henna by itself helps remove excess grease and dirt from your scalp, when combined with hydrating ingredients like egg, it helps condition your hair. Using a henna hair pack to condition your hair can leave it feeling smooth and silky. This is because henna helps seal the hair cuticle so that it can retain moisture.

Shagun Gold 100% Natural Henna 100g

  • - It helps to control problems like dandruff and hair loss, providing color and sheen

    - it helps to penetrate cleanse and thicken the hair shafts which improves the quality of hair.

    - It improves hair growth, reduces hair fall, and provides cooling to the scalp

    - It gives a rich reddish tone to hair

    - 100% Organic Henna Leaves Powder. It helps fight off scalp conditions like dandruff.