The Evolve Detangling Brush features a comfort grip handle providing superior control for handling when detangling and styling. A high quality brush can make all the difference to getting smooth, tangle-free hair. This comfortable detangling brush has 9 rows of round-end nylon pins with a removable rubber cushion for easy cleaning. This brush is perfect for safely detangling textured hair with minimal tension on the hair strands to prevent breakage. With a comfort grip handle for exceptional control and adjustable rows, use on wet or dry curly, coily, or wavy hair for exceptional detangling and styling. As you run the brush through your hair, the strong bristles will work their magic and restore the sleek and stunning natural state of your hair. You deserve an upgrade with the Evolve Detangling Brush.

Evolve Detangling Brush:

  • Use on wet or dry hair
  • Perfect for curly, coily, or wavy hair
  • Comfort grip for exceptional control
  • Safely detangles hair with minimal tension
  • Features 9 rows of round-ended nylon pins for smooth detangling
  • Removable rubber cushion for easy cleaning

Evolve Detangling Brush