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Living Naturally

Our Story

About Us

Our Story

We are a family with a passion for living naturally. 

MEJS was founded by a wife and a mother with a need of a more (w)holistic approach to her family’s personal care and health needs. From almost zero to hero, her passion caught up like wild fire seeing the immense benefits that came from applying simple fundamental principles of healthy living provided by God in nature.

Since then, it has been our dream as a family to share what we have learnt and to develop products and services that offer the best experience and have the health and well-being of the people who use them in mind. Over the years, we have worked with this aim to fully adopt a natural approach to sharing and delivering insights and remedies through the products and services we offer.


Countless hours of work has gone into making this dream a reality and today empowering people to live natural, healthier and enjoyable lives has become the very heart of who we are. It is our very soul and purpose behind what we do.

MEJS is special to us, it is a gift given us. It is our journey and we are super excited to share that journey with you, to be a name that means something and has a special place in the lives of the people who use the experiences we provide.

From our home to yours,

Mabel -

The Founder

Healthful Insights

At the heart of what we do are the values we promote and the motivation to empower people live healthier lives through better health choices.


Our total health of mind and body as a community matters. For that reason, we offer healthful insights to educate and enable people experience greater results in their daily health, personal care and family practices through healthful lifestyle changes which promote the use of natural products.

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What We Do

Natural Products

Our bodies require care and nourishment to promote its health. MEJS foods, Hair and Skincare products are carefully developed with the aim of providing solutions that enable people make safe and effective choices for their family and personal care needs.


All products carried by us including our own lifestyle brands MEJS Naturals and Noble Men are guaranteed to be of the finest quality and produced from natures finest time tested ingredients proven to be effective in promoting healing and maintaining good health.

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Natures Remedies

Living naturally is our motto and we draw our inspiration for healthful living, joy and hope from practicing and promoting seven natural fundamental lifestyle principles.


• Proper Nutrition and Drinking pure Water

• Adequate Sunlight and Daily Exercise

• Temperance in good things (abstinence from harmful substances)

• Promoting clean environments and breathing of Clean Air

• Plenty of Rest

• Faith and Trust in God

• Love for all People

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What we Do

Nature offers the best remedies and these practices provide the foundation needed for enjoyable and lasting health and the means of providing something that is truly meaningful and matters in people lives.

Our Gift to You

We are inspired everyday by how you our family, friends and partners use our products as great natural alternative to your everyday needs.

There are some things we hope you’ll notice with every engagement or purchase you make.

Great affordable products, Uncompromising quality, Excellent customer care and services and a (w)holistic approach to providing solutions you can trust.


We call it an experience.

Be it in the rich health content we provide or simply the people centric products we make, we aim at providing the best natural alternatives that enable people make safe and effective choices for their family or personal needs.

We do it simply because you matter. And we hope to reach a diversity of people who not only enjoy using the experiences we provide, but desire to be empowered to make a difference in their lives.

Our Gift to You
Our Values

Our Values

We Value You

Our MEJS Naturals and Noble men line of products are made with love and a genuine concern for those who use them. All products are tested by family members and friends.


We take great care in our production process and make every effort in maintaining high quality standards to make sure our products as well as our ingredients retain their quality and are wonderful to use.

Locally Grown

We seek to encourage the vibrant growth of local farming communities and source a greater percentage our raw ingredients from them.

100% Natural

MEJS Naturals and Noble Men product lines are made with all natural organic ingredients and do not contain Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, DEA, PABA, Synthetic Fragrance or Artificial Color.

Healthy Earth

As part of our efforts to care for our environment and to safeguard a cleaner, healthier community, we encourage our customers to follow proper disposing/ recycling regulations of their local communities. 


Our local consumers have the opportunity to return MEJS non-biodegradable product containers by the dozen for a healthy discount on a next purchase.

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